Will i recieve the same Product that i see in the picture?

Absolutely! In case a product is somehow results in out of stock after the order placement,

you’ll be notified through either Phone or Email for alternative option if there is any!

or simply a hassle free refund.

Where can i see my sales reciept?

You can find your order related information and purchase invoices on your “Order” under your my account section.

In case it’s not there you can simply drop a direct email at [email protected] asking for your invoice copy.

How can i return an item?

    • You can return all the products that are dead on arrival or arrive in damaged or defective condition. Such items must be returned in the same condition you received them in with all the accessories. These items must also have the serial number and UPC intact.
    • We will either get the defective product replaced from the service center or send a replacement.
    • In case of returns of “dead on arrival” and damaged items, We reserve the right to test and inspect the product for customer misuse and issue a replacement after inspection. If the item cannot be repaired or replaced, then we will issue a refund.

The buyer has to provide the Uncut, un-paused, Clear Unboxing video, and AWB number and the packing slip must need to be visible on the unboxing video. To claim any type of physical damage unboxing video is a must.
Upon asking you’d have to provide video footage for us to observe